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British & Irish Newspaper Extracts, 1732 - 1865

This page contains extracts relating to the name LONGMORE which can be found in the pages of various British & Irish newspapers between the dates given. I've endeavoured to leave out news items that are merely quotations from other sources, such as the London Gazette. I've also left out items where someone called Longmore was merely the overseer in some capacity, such as a coroner. This is just a snapshot of the many newspapers that have been archived and is by no means to be regarded as a complete extraction of what is available.

  London Evening Post (London, England), Saturday, May 27, 1732  

Yesterday at the Sessions at the Old Bailey, the three following persons were capitally convicted, viz. John Longmore for robbing Joseph Framsam on the Highway of a silver watch value £5

  London Evening Post (London, England), Saturday, June 10, 1732  

On Thursday last £400 was paid to the Persons concerned for apprehending John Osborn, John Longmore, William Woolcot and Henry Barns, who were executed last week for diverse street and highway robberies.

  London Journal (1720) (London, England), Saturday, July 22, 1732  

Monday the Sessions ended at the Old Bailey when the nine following Malefactors, viz. John Osborn, Michael Shaw and Edward Paul alias Spaw for street robberies; Henry Barnes, William Woolcot and John Longmore for the Highway; Robert Robinson, John Wakeling and John Du Can [?] for burglary.

  Daily Gazetteer (London Edition) (London, England), Monday, May 17, 1736  

On Monday last died very suddenly the Rev. Mr. Longmore, Rector of All Saints in the City of Worcester; the Living is in the gift of the Right Hon the Lord Chancellor

  Public Advertiser (London, England), Tuesday, April 24, 1759  

The Boarding-School, lately the Rev Dr. Cox's, at Kensington Gravel Pits, will be opened in a fortnight by Mr. LONGMORE from Newington Green and proper assistants; where Youth will be boarded and instructed in the English, French, Greek and Latin languages, also Geography, Writing and Merchants Accounts, on reasonable terms.

As Mr Longmore will endeavour to discharge his duty with the utmost fidelity; the Countenance of the Favour and Assistance of his friends , and particularly of the parents of such of the late Dr Cox's pupils as are not engaged elsewhere.

  Lloyd's Evening Post and British Chronicle (London, England), Friday, September 26, 1760  

MARRIAGES - Mr Longmore, Master of a Boarding School at Kensington Gravel Pits to Miss Luck of Campden House.

  London Chronicle (Semi-Annual) (London, England), Tuesday, May 26, 1761  

Mr. Longmore's Boarding School is removed from the Gravel Pits to Bullingham House, Kensington

  St. James's Chronicle or the British Evening Post (London, England), Tuesday, September 12, 1769  

Married yesterday, John Upton Esq. of Grosvenor Street, at St. George's Church to Mrs Elizabeth Longmore of Upper Brook Street.

  Lloyd's Evening Post (London, England), Friday, April 9, 1773  

Deaths - Mr Henry Longmore, Deputy Chamber Keeper to the Secretary of State's Office in the Southern Department

  St. James's Chronicle or the British Evening Post (London, England), Thursday, June 4, 1778  

MARRIED - Wednesday at St. Bride's, Fleet Street, Mr. Longmore of Salisbury Court to Miss Phoebe Price of the same place

  St. James's Chronicle or the British Evening Post (London, England), Thursday, June 7, 1781  

DIED - Tuesday, at Roehampton, Joseph Longmore, Esq., an Officer of the Household in the late King's reign

  London Packet or New Lloyd's Evening Post (London, England), Wednesday, January 16, 1782  

On Wednesday 19th of December last, as William Snipson, cordwainer, was returning from Bewdley, in Worcester, in company with John Smith, waterman, one John Longmore came up with them about a mile from the aforesaid place, and entered into conversation with Snipson till they came to Over Arley, where they parted company; Smith went to his own house, Longmore to the Crown, and Snipton stopt a short time at the Lyttleton's Arms, to refresh himself, and was then proceeding homewards, but at a place Extoner Lower Meadow, he was overtaken by Longmore, who, after knocking him down and using him in a barbarous manner, robbed him, and afterwards threw him into the Severn. Snipson soon after being missing, and a quantity of blood seen at the place where the murder had been committed, and traced all the way to the edge of the river, a suspicion immediately wrising that Longmore was the murderer, he was pursued, and taken in a barn belonging to Mr. Bate of Kinlet, and Snipson's watchfound upon him. He was brought to Arley and from thence carried before Justice Mosely, who committed him to Stafford Gaol, to take his trial at the next Assizes. He confessed afterwards that Snipson was not quite dead when he threw him into the river. Longmore is about twenty three years of age, of bad character, born in the parish of Alveley, and a neighbour of the deceased.

  General Evening Post (London, England), Thursday, February 7, 1788  

MARRIED - Lately, at New Carlisle, in Canada, Mr George Longmore, Surgeon to the forces there, to Miss C.L. Cox, daughter of Lieutenant Governor Cox.

  St. James's Chronicle or the British Evening Post (London, England), Thursday, January 12, 1792  

On Friday the 6th died, at Islington, Alexander Longmore A.M., formerly Master of an eminent Boarding School in Kensington.

  St. James's Chronicle or the British Evening Post (London, England), Thursday, September 5, 1793  

MARRIED - Wednesday, at Sunbury, the Rev. Alexander Longmore, Ll B., Vicar of Great Baddow, Essex, to Miss Skinner, only daughter of Matthew Skinner, of Richmond, in Surrey, Esq.

  Lloyd's Evening Post (London, England), Monday, February 6, 1797  

Saturday evening, as Mr. Winckley of the Temple, and Dr. Longmore, were going out of town in a post-chaise, they were stopped by three footpads, at Welling, near Shooter's Hill, who robbed them of their watches and cash, and likewise two trunks, one of which contained 40 guineas in gold, with which they made their escape into a wood.

  Star (London, England), Thursday, September 27, 1798  

DIVIDENDS - Oct. 16. Lewis Bairstow and John Langmore of Manchester, muslin and dimity manufacturers, at eleven, at the Star Inn, Manchester

  Oracle and Daily Advertiser (London, England), Tuesday, December 4, 1798  

LOST, a MINIATURE of a LADY, in a Red Morocco Case, the glass broke. Whoever will bring it to Mr. Longmore's Carpet Warehouse, No. 3, opposite the Magdalen, Blackfriar's Road, shall receive Two Guineas Reward.

  The Ipswich Journal (Ipswich, England), Saturday, August 9, 1800  

CHELMSFORD - Sunday, died, at Great Baddow, in the 23rd year of his age, Mr James Longmore, surgeon

  Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England), Saturday, October 20, 1810  

From the London Gazette, Admiralty Office, October 16 - BANKRUPTS: Samuel Longmore, of Bristol, linen draper.

  The Ipswich Journal (Ipswich, England), Saturday, February 1, 1812  

CHELMSFORD, January 31 - Tuesday died, the Rev. A. Longmore, Vicar of Great Baddow and Rainham, aged 58 years.

  Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Monday, March 9, 1818  

DIED - Drowned off Portsmouth, on the 21st ultimo, by the overturning of a boat in a sudden squall of wind, Mr. Edward N. Longmore, aged 18, midshipman on board his Majesty's ship Rochfort, and second son of the late George Longmore, Esq., medical staff, Quebec.

  Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Thursday, September 10, 1818  

GAME LIST, COUNTY OF DEVON, Persons who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES for the year 1818 - Longmore, James, clerk, Yealmpton.

  Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Monday, May 22, 1820  

DIED - At Edinburgh, on the 14th curt. DEBORAH, second daughter of the late George Longmore, Esq., Medical Staff, Quebec

  Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England), Saturday, October 20, 1821  

On Thursday se'nnight, at a meeting of the Common Council of the borough of Tewkesbury, B. Holland and J. Longmore, Esqrs. were elected and sworn Bailiffs.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Saturday, July 6, 1822  

NAVAL APPOINTMENTS. LIEUTENANTS T.R. James and W.A. Longmore to the Arab.

  Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England), Saturday, February 1, 1823  

DIED - At Castle Town, Beerhaven, age 26, Lieut. W.A. Longmore of his Majesty's ship Arab, eldest son of the late Rev. A. Longmore, Rector of Great Baddow, Essex.

  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle etc (Portsmouth, England), Monday, December 15, 1823  

MARRIED - On Tuesday, Philip Longmore, Esq. of Hertford, to Sabine, second daughter of Jacob Elton, Esq., of Bristol, and niece of the late Admiral Sir Wm. Young

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, May 26, 1824  

SALE OF FARM STOCKING, CROP AND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE At BERRYLEYS - There will be exposed to sale by public ronp, at BERRYLEYS, in the parish of Grange, upon Tuesday the 1st of June next, The Whole STOCKING on said Farm, consisting of Horses, Cows, Young Cattle, and Sheep; Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, and other Farming Utensils; several Stacks of Grain, with Fodder; and a great variety of Household Furniture; together with 40 acres of Sown and Pasture Grass, belonging to the Trustees for the Creditors of JOHN LONGMORE. The roup will commence at 10 o'clock forenoon; and credit will be given. The Trustees request that the Creditors of Mr. Longmore will attend a Meeting, to be held at Berryleys upon the said 1st June, at 9 o'clock forenoon. Keith, May 20, 1824.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Saturday, November 20, 1824  

POLICE. UNION HALL. WILLIAM JOYCE, a butcher, of Saint George's Market in the Borough, was charged with commiting a burglary in the shop of Mr. Longmore, carpet manufacturer, Blackfriars Road, on Thursday night last. Mr Longmore saw the prisoner enter the shop, and take possession of a piece of carpet, value £6, between the hours of six and seven o'clock; he was struck with amazement at the daring impudence of the robber; he pursued him, and saw him running along Great Surrey Street, with the carpet in his possession. Shergold, the officer, happened to be near at hand, and Mr. Longmore called upon him to assist; he followed the prisoner, and secured him. - Committed for trial

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Monday, December 12, 1825  

DIED - Dec 4, at her brother's house, Clifton Wood, deeply lamented, Lydia Longmore

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, March 21, 1827  

DEATHS - At Salisbury Road, on the 7th curt., Mrs Longmore, wife of Adam Longmore, Esq.

  Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Thursday, December 2, 1830  

MARRIAGES - The Rev. James Longmore, Vicar of Yealmpton to Miss Betsy Wyatt, of that place.

  Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Saturday, September 20, 1834  

From Lloyd's List, Sept. 16 - Passengers to India: Per Catherine: Captain Fenn, for the Cape & Bengal, sailed 6th September from Deal, Mrs and the Misses White, Mrs and Misses Betts, Mrs Macking, Major and Mrs Piers and family, Captain and Mrs Hill and family, Major Longmore and family, Mr Vining, Mr Chambers, Mr Weaver, Captain Gibson, Mr Rose, Rev Mr Shand, Mr Hornblow and Mr Wratt.

  Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Thursday, April 6, 1837  

THE ARMY - 47th - Have arrived at Malta from Gibraltar in the Prince Regent and Parmelia transports. Ensign Longmore and a detachment sailed from Portsmouth on Tuesday, in the Marquis of Huntly transport, to join the Regiment at Malta.

  Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Thursday, June 1, 1837  

THE ARMY - The Marquis of Huntly transport from Cork arrived at Gibraltar the 4th instant with the following officers to join their regiments in the Mediterranean:- ..... 47th foot - Ensign Longmore, ....

  The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Tuesday, June 27, 1837  

English, Mercantile and Classical SEMINARY, 11 ACADEMY STREET, BELFAST - THE ANNUAL PUBLIC EXAMINATION of the above Establishment was held on the 19th, 20th, 21st, 23rd inst. The following Pupils distinguished themselves by a proficiency in:- COMPOSITIONAL INTERPRETATION: G. Soence, J. Longmore, equal.

  Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Monday, September 18, 1837  

JUSTICIARY COURT, INVERNESS - The Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened on Wednesday last, by the Lord Justice Clerk and Lord Medwyn; Cosmo Innes, Esq., Advocate Depute. The cases which came on for trial were not of a very serious nature. Those from Elgin were Janet Robertson, for housebreaking and theft. She pleaded Guilty and was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment. Alexander Longmore, for invading the house of Jean Allan, Elgin, and assaulting her, also pleaded Guilty, and was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment, and to find security to keep the peace for five years.

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, January 20, 1838  

DIED - January 14, at Clifton Wood, aged 67, John Longmore, Esq.

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, January 27, 1838  

Under the will of John Longmore, Esq., deceased, are the following munificent bequests to the under-mentioned charities (free of legacy duty):- Salop Infirmary, £500; Bristol Infirmary, £500; Bristol Eye Institution, £200; Bristol Strangers' Friend Society, £200; Clifton Dispensary, £200; Clifton Infant School, £100; Neen, Cozeley and Woolworly Parishes, £500 each; Cleesby Mortimore Parish, £700. - The interest arising from the four last bequests to be laid out in bread for the poor, to be delivered to them every Sunday throughout the year, after divine service. We are sure we need not do more than direct the attention of the benevolent, whose feelings must be awakened at this inclement season to the necessities of the poor, to those excellent institutions - the Strangers' Friends Society and the Kingswood Benevolent Society - both of which may, with the fullest confidence, be employed as channels for dispensing their bounty.

  The Manchester Times and Gazette (Manchester, England), Saturday, December 22, 1838  

MARRIAGES - On the 17th inst at the Collegiate Church, Mr Wm Longmore, to Miss Elizabeth Leech, both of this town.

  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle etc (Portsmouth, England), Monday, June 15, 1840  

MARRIAGES - At Granton, Edinburgh, A.C. Longmore, Esq. of the Exchequer Office, to Isabella, daughter of W. Bain, Esq., R.N.

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, January 30, 1841  

DIED - Lately, Mr Thomas Yeeles, many years a faithful servant to the late John Longmore, Esq., Clifton Wood.

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, December 31, 1842  

UNIVERSITY OF LONDON. The Senate, at its sitting on the 21st inst., conferred the following degrees:- BATCHELORS OF MEDICINE, John Charles Longmore, London Hospital.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Tuesday, March 14, 1843  

The following passengers from India are on board the Great Liverpool, daily expected:- .....Lieutenant Longmore, .....

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, August 24, 1844  

Expeditious Conveyance of Goods By Water. George Longmore, of Brook's Wharf, London, begs to inform his Friends and the Public that he has commenced running his Boats from Boswell's Warehouse, 34 Welsh Back, Bristol, every Friday, and also leave Friar's Wharf, Oxford, every Friday; and hopes, by strict attention and carefully conveying all Goods that may be intrusted to him, to merit a share of their favours: the Boats will leave positively on the above days appointed, and will proceed with all possible dispatch. From Bristol to Swindon, Faringdon, Wantage, Abingon, Oxford, Banbury, Woodstock, Aylesbury, Bicester, Buckingham, Witney, and all places adjacent.

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, February 25, 1846  

FATAL ACCIDENT. On Friday, as Alexander Longmore, an individual in the employment of Messrs Blaikie and Sons, was driving a horse and loaded cart down Littlejohn Street, on turning the corner leading into the court off the street, he stumbled and fell, when he was trampled on the face by the horse's foot, and the cart passed over his body. The poor man was so severely injured that, although medical assistance was immediately procured, he died in a short time. The deceased received an injury, some time ago, from the animal that caused his death, but would allow no one else to interfere with him, as he believed himself alone capable of controlling his restive disposition. The poor man had been upwards of thirty years in the employment of Messrs Blaikie and Sons, and has always borne an excellent character.

  Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Saturday, April 11, 1846  

ARMY NEWS - Captain Longmore, of the 8th Royal Irish Hussars, has left Longford on leave of absence.

  Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Wednesday, September 16, 1846  

INSOLVENT DEBTORS - To Be Heard At The Court House, No. 3, Lower Ormond Quay, on 31st October 1846:- James Longmore, Donnybrook, County Dublin, commercial agent and general dealer.

  Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Monday, October 12, 1846  

DIED - At 56 Melville Street, Edinburgh, on the 5th current, Mrs Anne Forsyth, wife of Adam Longmore, Esq.

  Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Thursday, August 19, 1847  

MARRIAGES - On the 14th instant, at Tewkesbury, Thomas Edmund Le Blanc, Esq., of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, to Laura Catherine, second daughter of Joseph Longmore, Esq., of the Mythe House, Gloucestershire.

  The Newcastle Courant etc (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England), Friday, December 3, 1847  

MARRIAGES - At South Shields, at St Hilda's Church, on 27th ult., Mr Charles Ward, mariner, to Miss Elizabeth Proudlock; same day, same place, on 28th ult., Mr Robert Ross McRobie, mariner, to Miss Catherine Longmore.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Wednesday, April 5, 1848  

UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE, CAMBRIDGE, April 3rd - THE CHURCH: The following preferments and appointments have lately taken place:- the Rev P.A. Longmore, B.A. (1847), of Emmanuel College, to the curacy of Bygrave, Herts.

  Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Thursday, June 1, 1848  

APPOINTMENTS - Major George Longmore to be Resident Magistrate at Mosselberg, Cape of Good Hope.

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, January 31, 1849  

BIRTHS - At Banff, on 27th inst., Mrs James Longmore, of a son.

  Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Monday, March 26, 1849  

DEATH OF ADAM LONGMORE, ESQ. - We regret to announce the death of another highly respected citizen, Adam Longmore, Esq. For thirty five years of his life, he held an office in the Court of Exchequer. On his retirement from the public service, he devoted his leisure, with untiring energy, to the management of the poor, as chairman of the Parochial Board of this city, and to the affairs of the Established Church, as a ruling elder, and member of the committees of her Various Schemes. - Edinburgh Courant.

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, March 28, 1849  

DEATHS - At 56 Melville Street, Edinburgh, on 19th inst., Adam Longmore, Esq.

  The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Tuesday, October 16, 1849  

MARRIAGES - Oct 12, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev Wm Patteson, of Bangor, George Longmore, Esq., merchant, Manchester, to Matilda Patteson, only daughter of Robert McGeagh, Esq., Cookstown.

  Daily News (London, England), Thursday, May 16, 1850  

UNIVERSITY & CLERICAL, CAMBRIDGE May 15 - At a congregation holden this day the following degrees were conferred: M.A. - P.A. Longmore, Emmanuel College.

  Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Wednesday, May 22, 1850  

INSOLVENT DEBTORS - Petitions to be heard at No. 3 Lower Ormond Quay, on the 12th June 1850: Benjamin Longmore, Cootehill, County Cavan, shopkeeper.

  Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England), Saturday, February 8, 1851  

CLERGYMEN MARRIED - Feb 5, at the Abbey Church, Tewkesbury, the Rev Charles Allen, Incumbent of Bushley, Worcestershire, to Lydia Frances, youngest daughter of Joseph Longmore, Esq., the Mythe House, Gloucestershire

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, March 22, 1851  

DIED - At Jersey, John Longmore, Esq., son of Joseph Longmore, Esq., the Mythe House, Tewkesbury.

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, April 5, 1851  

MARRIED - March 22, at St George's, Hanover Square, W.H. Longmore, Esq., youngest son of Joseph Longmore, Esq., the Mythe House. Glo'stershire, to Marie Elizabeth, youngest daughter of William Croome, Esq. of Tewkesbury, and grand-daughter of the late James Croome, Esq. of Breadstone House, near Berkeley.

  The Era (London, England), Sunday, June 29, 1851  

PROVINCIAL THEATRICALS - SHREWSBURY (Manager, Mr J. Latimer) - This establishment opened its usual season on Monday last, since which time there has scarecely been a seat to be obtained in any part of the house at the usual time commencement. On Tuesday next The Stranger and The Laughing Hyena, under the patronage of the Right Worshipful the Mayor and Town Council. The company will remain here for a month, then proceed en route for Kidderminster and Redditch. The following is a list of the company already engaged:- Messrs. Harrison, Campbell, Cook, Mellison, Grainger, Binnion, Price, Rose, Walton, Kendall, Mundy; Mesdames Longmore, Jones, Price, Mundy, Campbell; Misses Williams, Latimer, &c, &c.

  Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper (London, England), Sunday, August 10, 1851  

THE ARMY. ARRIVAL OF TROOPS FROM CANADA - CHATHAM, Aug 6 - On Tuesday afternoon, detachments from the Royal Artillery, 2nd batt. of the Rifle Brigade, the Royal Canadian Rifles, and the 20th Reg., arrived at Chatham Garrison, under the command of Lieut. G. Massy, having disembarked from the Java troop-ship, at Gravesend, from the Canadas. Assistant-surgeon Longmore, of the 19th, also accompanied them.........

  Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Thursday, January 22, 1852  

BIRTHS - January 9, at Bude, Mrs Longmore, of a son.

  The Era (London, England), Sunday, February 8, 1852  

THE BIRMINGHAM RING - THE FIGHTS OF MONDAY LAST - The £25 match between Richard Longmore and Elijah Adams, both of the "black country', came off , at catch weight, near the Roman Catholic College, Oscott, near Birmingham, on Monday last. The former, who was backed from George Holden's Crown and Malt Shovel, Walsall, was seconded by him and Young Ross. Adams, who came from Frazer Brown's, Blue Pig, Walsall, was taken into the ring by Dragon Bayliss and Ward. The Old'un (Adams) was backed at 5 to 4, but it was level betting, and the young one (Longmore) for choice after the first ten minutes. Longmore gained all three events in twenty-seven rounds, thirty minutes (the other having no chance of turning the tables), and George Holden received the stakes, on behalf of the winner, on Tuesday night, at Mr J. Matthews's, Bell Inn, Dale End, Birmingham, who was stakeholder.

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, February 11, 1852  

DEATHS - At Sydney, Australia, on 27th Oct. last, Alexander Longmore, Esq., Attorney-At-Law, youngest son of Mr Longmore, Keith, formerly of Earnside, Morayshire.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Monday, April 5, 1852  

OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE EIGHT-OAR RACE - On Saturday afternoon the great amd exciting contest between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge was decided by an eight-oar race over the usual course from Putney Bridge to the well-known Ship Tavern at Mortlake - a distance of somewhat more than four miles. It is very nearly two years and a half since "Father Thames" was enlivened by a similar match, on which occasion the Oxonians were victorious through a foul on the part of their adversaries. Long before the time appointed, the whole course of the river to Puney was alive with bustle and excitement. Twlve steamers were chartered to accompany the race, but a vast number of persons were disappointed in obtaining places. Two boats were especially conspicuous, being crowded to excess with the members of either University, who sported their usual colours - dark blue for Oxford, light blue for Cambridge. Many of the London clubs turned out in their cutters; amongst others the Leander and the Westminster Eight. There were a few pair-oars and scullers.The different bridges and the banks were crowded with carriages, equestrians and foot people. There were a good many of the fair sex also on horseback. During the race a number of horsemen, who attempted to keep up with the racing boats at full speed, were the cause of some excitement. The tide, which was unusually high, had overflowed the bank upon the Surrey side at Putney, and several persons were precipitated into the water, both man and horse; fortunately no serious consequence ensued. About twenty minutes after one o'clock the Oxford crew rowed away from Searle's Yard, at Putney, and were followed shortly by the Cantabs on the Surrey. At a quarter to two the rival boats took their respective situations, the Oxford being on the Middlesex side, the Cantabs on the Surrey. The two crews, who were most vociferously cheered, were composed of the following gentlemen:-

1. Prescott, Brasemose
2. Greenhall, ditto
3. Nind, Christ Church
4. Buller, Balliol
5. Denne, University
6. Houghton, Brasenose
7. King, Pembroke
8. Chitty, Balliol (stroke)
Cotton, Christ Church (coxs)

1. M'Naughten, Trinity
2. Brandt, ditto
3. Tuckey, St Johns
4. Ford, Trinity
5. Hawley, Sidney
6. Longmore, ditto
7. Norris, Trinity
8. Johnstone, Trinity (stroke)
Crosse, Caius (coxs)

Mr C. Selwyn officiated as umpire, and Mr E. Searle undertook to start them, which he effected at about ten minutes to two o'clock. The race may be described in a few words. Both crews started at an astonishing pace for some hundred yards, when the Oxford obtained a slight advantage, which they gradually improved upon. At this point the Cantabs, under the guidance of Robert Coombes, the champion, kept to the Surrey side, whilst the Oxonians steered up the middle of the river. On nearing Hammersmith Bridge, the Cambridge, putting on a spurt, appeared to lessen the distance between, and their partisans asserted that they would come out level from their plan of steering. At Chiswick Eyot, however, the Oxford had increased their lead, in despite of the most strenuous exertions of their opponents. All efforts after this were fruitless, for the Oxford coxswain, taking off his cap, cheered on his crew and steered them to victory, which they gained by about six boats' lengths amidst the deafening cheers of thousands. The boats were both built by Messrs. Searles for this occasion; the Oxford one being sixty-three feet in length, the Cambridge sixty-two. Several boats were upset by the swell from the steamers, and amongst others the Leander. The parties, however, fortunately met with no accident beyond the ducking. The Oxford and Cambridge crews dined together as usual after the race, at the Albion, Aldersgate Street.

  The Era (London, England), Sunday, July 25, 1852  

THE BIRMINGHAM RING - LONGMORE'S BATTLE WITH ALDRIDGE - These were also Staffordshire men, who had left the coal districts behind them, in order to decide their fistic superiority upon the termination of the fight between Brown and Birch. They are both about five feet six and a half inches in height - fought catch-weight - Longmore being seconded by George Holden and Stevens, and Aldrige by Wareham and Dragon, of Walsall. After an hour's hard fighting, Longmore, the better general of the two, was declared the winner, and has received the stakes at Solid Coates's, Old Crown, Tower Street

  Daily News (London, England), Saturday, November 6, 1852  

MARRIAGES - CARDEW - LONGMORE. Nov 3, at St Andrew's, Hertford, by the Rev P.A. Longmore, Incumbent of Hermitage, Berks, G.S. Cardew, Esq., M.D., Bengal Army, son of the Rev J.H. Cardew, Rector of Currey Malet, Somersetshire, to Mary Ann Sophia, eldest daughter of P. Longmore, Esq., of Hertford Castle.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Monday, November 8, 1852  

ECCLESIASTICAL, PREFERMENTS AND APPOINTMENTS - The Rev Philip A. Longmore, curate of Bygrave, Herts, to the perpetual curacy of Hermitage, Berks. Patron, the Marquis of Downshire.

  The Era (London, England), Sunday, January 16, 1853  

THE BIRMINGHAM RING - DOBSON AND LONGMORE - Lawrence Dobson, of Walsall, and Longmore, of Wednesbury, fought, catch-weight, for #10 a side, at Parferry Greem, near the former place, on Monday last - Dobby being seconded by Fleming and Newey, while his adversary was waited upon by Tiney and Richards. Longmore was a two stone bigger man than Dobson, and was also the longest of the reach. With these advantages, however, he was exceedingly slow; while, on the other hand, the Walsall hero was quick in his exchanges, and quite nimble in making his investments and retiring without any adequate return of punishment. Thirty-three rounds were fought, occupying one hour and a quarter, when Dobson, who had gained the first two events, was also declared the winner of the battle - his opponent giving in dead beat. Dobson received the stakes the same evening, at George Holden's, at Walsall.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Monday, January 31, 1853  


  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Thursday, November 10, 1853  


  Manchester Times (Manchester, England), Saturday, November 19, 1853  

MARRIED - On the 10th inst at Rettie, N.B. George D. Mitchell, Esq., of the New Corn Exchange, London, to Jessie, second daughter of Andrew Longmore, Esq., of Linksfield.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Wednesday, January 4, 1854  

BIRTHS - On the 7th ult., at Montreal, C.E., the wife of Capt. Arthur A. Longmore, 26th Regiment, of a daughter

  Daily News (London, England), Monday, April 17, 1854  

THE WAR - DEVONPORT April 16 - The Echunga transport, having received on board Captain Longmore and about 50 non-commisioned officers and men, forming the advanced guard of the 8th Hussars, left the harbour got the Sound, Malta, and Constantinople last evening.

  Daily News (London, England), Thursday, June 1, 1854  

DEATHS - LONGMORE - May 29, J. Longmore, Esq., of the Mythe House, near Tewkesbury

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Tuesday, September 19, 1854  

THE EXPEDITION TO THE CRIMEA - Colonel Boyle, Coldstream Guards, and Captain Longmore, 8th Hussars, died yesterday.

  Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Friday, September 22, 1854  

THE WAR - On Friday I dined with poor Captain Longmore of the 8th Royal Irish Hussars. He was seized with illnes (the cholera) on Saturday. at eight o'clock on Sunday morning he died on board the Himalaya, and at eleven o'clock I witnessed his remains interred on shore, in a rough coffin hastily made on board ship, and laid to rest on a ridge of land overlooking the bay, where frequent wooden crosses mark the graves of the French sailors who perished of the cholera. He was an excellent officer, and Lord Cardigan spoke highly of his conduct when commanding the 8th in his recent reconnaissance to the Danube.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Monday, September 25, 1854  

ORDINATION AT EXETER. DEACONS - Rev W. Samson Longmore, B.A., Sidney Coll., Cambridge

  Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Thursday, September 28, 1854  

After Ordination the Bishop licensed the Deacons to Curacies in the Diocese, viz. Mr Longmore to Cheriton Fitzpaine

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, September 30, 1854  

DIED - In Varna Bay, Charles Joseph Longmore, Esq., senior captain 8th Hussars, eldest son of the late Joseph Longmore, Esq., of the Mythe House, Tewkesbury.

  Manchester Times (Manchester, England), Wednesday, October 25, 1854  

MARRIED - On the 19th inst., at St Andrew's Church, Hertford, the Rev William Simpson Longmore, only son of the Rev James Longmore, vicar of Yealmpton, Devon, to Emmeline Jane, third daughter of Philip Longmore, Esq., of Hertford Castle.

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, January 27, 1855  

DIED - At Tewkesbury, William Henry Longmore, Esq., late of Kensington.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Wednesday, March 21, 1855  

DIED - On the 14th inst., aged 24, the Rev William S. Longmore, B.A., of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and curate of Cheriton, Devon.

  Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Thursday, March 22, 1855  

DEATHS - March 14, at the residence of his father, Bedford Cottage, Tiverton, the Rev W.S. Longmore, aged 25

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Tuesday, July 31, 1855  

DIED - On the 19th April last, at Paddington, near Sydney, Mr George Moody Longmore, in the 31st year of his age.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Wednesday, August 29, 1855  

DIED - On the 18th inst., at Barnack, Northamptonshire, Johannah Christiana Henrietta Longmore, age 33, wife of Benjamin Longmore, Esq., surgeon, late of British Guiana.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Saturday, September 1, 1855  

DEATHS - On the 22nd ult., of cholera, at Sebastopol, John Longmore, Esq., Acting Assistant-Surgeon, attached to the 19th Regiment, third son of Thomas Longmore, Esq., London.

  The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Tuesday, September 25, 1855  

ECCLESIASTICAL VACANCIES - The rectory of Yealmpton, with Bevelstoke annexed, Devonshire, has become vacant by the death of the Rev J. Longmore, M.A. (instituted 1810). The benefice, which is worth #400 a year, is in the gift of the Bishop of Exeter

  Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Thursday, February 28, 1856  

MARRIAGES - Feb 14th, at Cadeleigh, by the Rev P.F. Britton, Harold M. Davis, Esq., surveyor, to Emeline Mary, only daughter of the Rev J. Longmore, vicar of Yealmpton and Revelstoke.

  The Preston Guardian etc (Preston, England), Saturday, April 18, 1857  

MARRIAGES - On Tuesday, at St Peter's Church, Blackburn, by the Rev G.H. Ashe, incumbent of Witton, Mr James Coupe, tea dealer, to Mrs Mary Longmore, both of Blackburn

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, May 13, 1857  

DEATHS - At Brunton, on the 7th inst., Elizabeth Longmore, aged 66 years, wife of Mr John Taylor, sen., farmer there

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, October 21, 1857  

MARRIAGES - At Leith, on the 14th instant, by the Rev Thomas Annand, James Wedster, Esq., M.D., to Helen, eldest daughter of William Longmore, Esq., banker, Keith.

  Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England), Saturday, October 16, 1858  

MARRIAGES - Oct 7th, at Hermitage, Berks, Isaac, eldest son of James Espinasse, Esq., of Boxley Lodge, Kent, to Emmeline Jane, widow of the late Rev W.S. Longmore, of Caseleigh, Devon.

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, October 27, 1858  

DEATHS - At Keith, on the 22nd inst., Mr Longmore, sen., aged 77 years.

  The Examiner (London, England), Saturday, July 16, 1859  

CROKER -v- CROKER AND MAVINS - The Petitioner, the Rev R. Croker, married the respondent, the a Miss Longmore, at Tewkesbury, in 1841. She was a lady of some fortune, being possessed of property to the amount of #14,000 or #15,000. She cohabited with her husband at St Helier's and other places, and has five children by him. At the beginning of 1852 he accepted the chaplaincy of he Majest's ship Winchester, and went with it to the China Seas, from which he did not return until March, 1855. In the meantime Mrs Croker has formed a liaison with Mavins, a dentist, in Jersey, and the result was the birth of another child.The jury found the fact of adultery, and the Court dissolved the marriage, with costs.

  Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England), Friday, August 19, 1859  

COLESHILL - SUNDAY TRADING AT WAKES - On Wednesday, an information laid by Mr Inspector Male. of Coleshill, against Stephen Longmore, of Aston, for opening at stall at Water Orton Wake, on Sunday, the 31st of July. Mr Male stated that on the day named the defendant exposed for sale at the wake gingerbread, nuts, sweets, &c., and effected several sales. The Magistrates asked if the defendant had ever been cautioned. Mr Male said that Longmore had a stall at Water Orton Wake on Sunday last year, and that he then cautioned him. The Magistrates said the defendant had violated the law, and had acted in defiance of the inspector's caution; they should therefore convict him in the full penalty the law allowed, namely, 5s. and costs, amounting altogether to 21s. 4d., to be paid in a week. In default, a distress warrant would issue.

  The Caledonian Mercury and Daily Express (Edinburgh, Scotland), Monday, February 20, 1860  

MARRIAGES - At Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Wm Longmore, Esq., banker, to Jane, daughter of the late Rev George Ross Munro, minster of Huntly.

  Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England), Friday, June 22, 1860  

TO MERCHANTS, FACTORS, AND OTHERS - Thomas Longmore Taylor begs to inform Factors, Merchants, and others that that he REMOVED his Business from 12 Lower Tower Street, to 56 Summer Lane. The Premises in Lower Tower Street are to be let at Midsummer.

  The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, September 8, 1860  

Manufacturers of all descriptions of

  Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England), Saturday, September 7, 1861  

MARRIAGES - Sept. 4, at Edgbaston parish church, by the Rev J. Spooner, George F. Freeman, eldest son of Mr Charles Freeman, late of this town, to Mary Lydia Longmore, only daughter of Mr Charles Hieatt, late of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

  The Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Monday, September 23, 1861  

BIRTHS - LONGMORE - At Geelong, Australia, on the 17th July, Mrs William Longmore, of a son.

  Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England), Friday, October 11, 1861  

WALSALL - MORE DISGRACEFUL CONDUCT IN THE STREETS - At the Guildhall yesterday, before the sitting Magistrates, Elizabeth Pearce and Mary Ann Longmore, both unfortunates, were sentenced to pay a fine of 2s 6d each and costs, or in default seven days' imprisonment, for making use of obscene language in the public streets. The Magistrates are determined to suppress this nuisance, by punishing persons proved to have committed this disreputable offence.

  The Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), Tuesday, December 17, 1861  

MARRIAGES - LONGMORE - STOCKWELL - At Wylye, Wilts, on the 12th inst., Captain Charles M. Longmore, of the Bengal Staff Corps, son of Philip Longmore, Esq., of Hertford Castle, to Adele Louisa, youngest daughter of the Rev J.S. Stockwell, M.A., rector of Wylye.

  Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England), Saturday, February 22, 1862  

MARRIAGES - Feb 11, at East Claydon, Bucks, Thomas Longmore, Esq., Deputy-Inspector-General on the Army Medical Staff, to Mary Rosalie Helen, youngest daughter of Capt. W.S. Moorsom, C.E., Great George Street, Westminster.

  The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, June 25, 1862  

MARRIAGES - At Mount Beckworth, on the 25th March, by licence, by the Rev G. Pollard, M.A., of Creswick, Mr Wm Bray, of the Britannia Clainis, Lintons, to Margaret Longmore, eldest daughter of Mr John Wm Back, formerly of East Farleigh, Devon, and grand-daughter of Andrew Longmore, Esq., of Rettie, Banffshire.

  Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England), Tuesday, June 16, 1863  

WALSALL - PETTY OFFENCES - Richard Longmore, for being drunk and disorderly in Bradford Street, on Sunday morning, was fined 2s 6d and costs.

  Liverpool Mercury etc (Liverpool, England), Wednesday, June 24, 1863  

NOTICE - This is to certify that I will NOT be ANSWERABLE for any DEBTS my Wife, AMELIA LONGMORE, may accumulate after this notice. June 23 1863.


Witness - James Greyon.

  Daily News (London, England), Wednesday, October 5, 1864  

DEATHS - BANNISTER - October 2, Elizabeth Mary Ann Longmore, wife of J.H. Bannister, Esq., Oxford Street.

  Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Wednesday, December 28, 1864  

BIRTHS - December 23, at Hamble, Hants, the wife of Deputy-Inspector-General T. Longmore, Army Medical Staff, of a son.

  The Leeds Mercury (Leeds, England), Wednesday, March 15, 1865  

£500 DAMAGES AGAINST THE GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY COMPANY - Mrs Sarah Longmore, on Monday, at the Stafford Assizes, before Mr Justice Keating, recovered £500 damages from the Great Western Railway Company, as damages for the death of her husband, Francis Longmore, under the following circumstances:- Deceased was a butty collier,aged fifty-nine. On Saturday evening, the 17th January, deceased went to the Swan Village Station, on the defendant's railway, to go by the 9.55 trainto Wednesbury. While crossing the wooden bridge which connects the tickey-office side of the station with the side from which the train to Wednesbury started, he slipped, fell through the side of the bridge, which was unprovided with hand-rails or other safeguards, and broke his neck. Deceased left a widow and 13 children, six of whom were unable to earn their own living. Leave was given to Mr Cooke to set aside the verdict on the ground, as in the case of Bolsh v. Smith, that the company were not liable, and also that the deceased by his want of care contributed to his own death.

  The Derby Mercury (Derby, England), Wednesday, March 22, 1865  

DAMAGES FOR THE LOSS OF A HUSBAND - At the Staffordshire Assizes, in action, "Longmore v. the Great Western Railway Company" was brought to recover damages and compensation for the loss of the plaintiff's husband, which was alleged in the declaration to have been caused by the negligence of the defendants. The case was heard by a special jury. Mr Huddlestone appealed for the plaintiff, the widow of a chartermaster at Wednesbury. The action was brought under Lord Campbell's Act. The deceased was working the Black Lake Pit, belonging to Messrs. Whitehead and Kendrick. He was a man of about fifty-nine years of age, who had had sixteen children, of whom thirteen were living, six of them being unable to earn their own subsistence, and dependent upon their father for support. The evidence showed that the deceased, on the 7th January last, left one of the pits in the afternoon to go to Swan Village to see a gentleman. Having transacted his business, he left the Nags Head Innwith the intention of going from Swan Village on the railway to Wednesbury. Giving a person named Davis the money to get the ticket, he proceeded to cross the wooden bridge to the other side of the line. The bridge had one long flight of steps, and then a shorter flight to the top of the bridge. The shorter portion had no hand-rail, and there is an aperture of 7ft 3ins length by 4ft 2in in height. Longmore went up the first flight of steps in safety, and whilst going up the short one his foot slipped, he fell through the aperture to the ground, and injured his neck. He was picked up and carried home, where he died on the following day. At the time of the accident the deceased was perfectly sober. Mr Cooke, for the company, contended that as the bridge in question was one the company was not bound to maintain, they were not liable. The learned Judge said he would not stop the case on that point, but would make a note of it; at the same time he gave permission to the defendants to move for a nonsuit upon this fact, and the additional one as to whether the plaintiff did not contribute to the accident. Witnesses were not called for the defence. The jury found for the plaintiff, £500 - £300 for the widow, and the remainder to be divided among the children of the deceased.