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1841 UK Census extracts

The UK Census Extracts for this year are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help with additional extracts, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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The columns contain     Address,     Name,     Male Age,     Female Age,     Occupation,     and     Born in County?

  Aston/Birmingham area  

  Exeter Row   Richard LONGMORE   35     Brassfounder   Y
    Sophia LONGMORE     36     Y
    William LONGMORE   14       Y

  Aston Village   Thomas LONGMORE   52     Brassfounder   Y
    Hannah LONGMORE     40     Y
    Thomas LONGMORE   6       Y
    Arthur LONGMORE   2       Y
    Hannah GROVER     30   F.S.   Y
    Elizabeth HARPER     18   F.S.   N

  Portland Street   Joseph HETHERINGTON   41     Painter & glazier   N
    Susannah HETHERINGTON     30     Y
    Eliza LONGMORE     11     Y

  Woodcock Street   James LONGMORE   30     Brassfounder   Y
    Mary LONGMORE     30     Y
    Lamberth LONGMORE   9       Y
    Joseph LONGMORE   5       Y
    John LONGMORE   2       Y

  Court 2, Cardigan Street   Lambert LONGMORE   28     Brassfounder   Y
    Sarah LONGMORE     28     Y

  Monument Lane   David MAIDEN   40     Veterinary Surgeon   N
  Edgbaston   Sarah MAIDEN     40     N
    Emma LONGMORE     12     N
    Edward WILLIAMS   44       N

  Little Charles Street,   William PALMER   30     Publican   Y
  Birmingham   Jemima PALMER     25     Y
    Mary PALMER     7     Y
    Jemima PALMER     5     Y
    Elizabeth PALMER     3     Y
    Ellen PALMER     2     Y
    Louisa PALMER     6w     Y
    Susannah FEREDAY     70     Y
    Hannah LONGMORE     20     N

  High Street,   Sampson DAY   25     Steel Toy Forger Journeyman   Y
  Bordesley   Sarah DAY     30     Y
  Birmingham   Mary LONGMORE     11     Y

  Francis Street, Aston   Ann LONGMORE     64   Independent   N

  Lancaster Street,   Stephen LONGMORE   35     Plater   N
  Birmingham   Anna LONGMORE     20     N
    Thomas LONGMORE   7       N
    Elizabeth ARCHABAL     20     N
    James JONES   15       N
    Sarah BROM     20     N

  Price Street,   Joseph LONGMORE   56     Gunsmith   Y
  Birmingham   Mary LONGMORE     49     Y
    Caroline LONGMORE     14     Y

  Hatchett Street,   Silvia LONGMORE     55     Y
  Aston   Hannah LONGMORE     25     Y
    Mary Ann LONGMORE     20     Y
    Peter LONGMORE   20     Woodturner   Y
    Ebenezer LONGMORE   2       Y
    Ann BAKEWELL     20   Buttonmaker   Y

  Asylum for the Infant Poor,   Includes:-        
  Summer Lane, Birmingham   Thomas LONGMORE   9       Y

  [Unnamed] Inn, 144 Digbeth   Includes:-        
  Birmingham   Jane LONGMORE     20   Female servant   N

  Barford Street,   Thomas GILES   60     Smith journeyman   Y
  Birmingham   Ann GILES     60     Y
    Thomas WOODWARD   35     Engraver journeyman   Y
    Rosanna WOODWARD     35     Y
    Ellick [?] LONGMORE   25     Painter journeyman   Y
    Ellen LONGMORE     25     Y
    Hannah LONGMORE     7     Y
    Agness LONGMORE     5     Y
    George WHITE   20     Musician   Y
    George VINE   20     Shoemaker   Y
    Frederick LEE   20     Whitesmith   Y

  Heath Mill Lane,   Elizabeth STUBBS     60     N
  Deritend   Thomas EVANS   40       N
  Birmingham   George WADE   85     Grinder   N
    John FERN   40       SCT
    John LONGMORE   45     Brassfounder   Y
    Charles LONGMORE   45     Brassfounder   N
    Elizabeth LONGMORE     11     N
    William CAN   20       Y
    Sarah MANTON     70     Y

  Birmingham Workhouse   James LONGMORE   26    Labourer   Y

  County Durham  

  Wallis Street,   Allan LONGMOOR   40     Carpenter   S
 Westoe.   Phillis LONGMOOR     40     Y
    John LONGMOOR   20       Y
    Catherine LONGMOOR     15     Y
    Mary LONGMOOR     15     Y
    Allan LONGMOOR   14    Appr. Joiner   Y
    William LONGMOOR   12       Y
    James LONGMOOR   10       Y

  Church Buildings,   Elizabeth SMITH    55   ????   Y
 Jarrow.   George LONGMORE  35    Alkali maker   N
    Thomas SCOTT   20    Alkali maker   N
    Robert GATE   20    Alkali maker   N
    James STAGG   15    Alkali maker   N
    Robert JACKSON   20    Alkali maker   N
    Joseph GRAVES   20    Alkali maker   Y

  Long Row,   Robert MORRISON  25    Butcher   Y
 South Shields.   Elizabeth MORRISON    25     Y
    Eleanor MORRISON     2     Y
    Elizabeth MORRISON    5m     Y
    Catherin LONGMORE     20  Female servant   Y

  Low Street,   John LONGMORE  35    Engineer   N
 Sunderland.   Mary LONGMORE    30     N
    Mary JONES     15  Independent   N

  High Kaye's Lea,   John PEACOCK  40    Farmer   Y
 South Bedburn.   Margarett PEACOCK    40     Y
    Elizabeth PEACOCK     12     Y
    John PEACOCK  5       Y
    Margarett PEACOCK    3     Y
    Sarah LONGMORE     15  Female servant   N