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GRO Birth Index Entries 1837 - 1853

The GRO Birth Index entries for this period are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help to fill out the Mother's Maiden Name columns, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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  Forename   Surname   Reg.   Dist.   Vol/Page   Mother's Maiden Name

  September   1837
  Alexander   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 258  
  Eney   LONGMORE   Madeley   XVIII 70  
  Frederick   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 283  
  Jabez   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 167  
  Male   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   XVIII 246  
  Male   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 332  
  Female   LONGMORE   Hertford   VI 377  
  December   1837
  Herbert   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 396  
  Jabez   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 190  
  John   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 107  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 253  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 415  
  Richard   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 413  
  March   1838
  William   LONGMOR   Sculcoates   XXII 394  
  Charles   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   XVIII 340  
  Charles   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   XVIII 340  
  Jane   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 223  
  Richard   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 496  
  June   1838
  Simeon   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 296  
  William   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 450  
  September   1838
  Mary   LONGMARE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 152  
  Hope   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 308  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 152  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 589  
  December   1838
  Charles   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 235  
  Charles   LONGMORE   Bermondsey   IV 23  
  Henry Herbert   LONGMORE   Bethnal Green   II 33  
  John James   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 173   Mary RIDE
  Lydia   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 225  
  March   1839
  John Sampson   LONGMORE   East London   II 181  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 551  
  William   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 133  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 583  
  June   1839
  Charlotte Catherine   LONGMOM   Marylebone   I 174  
  James   LONGMORE   Madeley   XVIII 103  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 582  
  September   1839
  Betsey   LONGMORE   Madeley   XVIII 88  
  Ebenezer   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 230  
  Margaret Jemima   LONGMORE   Leominster   XXVI 195  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Salford   XX 715  
  December   1839
  Harriet   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 238  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 548  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   Leeds   XVIII 372  
  Maria   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 244  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Southwark   IV 392  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 536  
  Female   LONGMORE   St. George Southwark   IV 392  
  March   1840
  Edwin   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 485  
  Emma   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 499  
  John   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 347  
  Lucetta   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 577  
  June   1840
  Charles   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 255  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Dudley   XVIII 336  
  Ellen Margaret   LONGMORE   Hertford   VI 532  
  Isaac   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 540  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 325  
  September   1840
  Eliza   LONGMOOR   Scarborough   XXIV 456  
  George   LONGMOOR   Carlisle   XXV 63  
  Edwin   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 518  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 215  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 506   Mary LONGMORE (no father)
  December   1840
  Ann   LONGMORE   Rotherham   XXII 437  
  James   LONGMORE   Bermondsey   IV 3  
  March   1841
  Ann   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 147  
  Eliza   LONGMORE   Bethnal Green   II 22  
  Eliza   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 531  
  James Edward   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   XVIII 398  
  June   1841
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 248  
  September   1841
  Alice   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 234  
  Benjamin   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 427  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 172  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 172   Mary READ
  Fanny Jane   LONGMORE   Leominster   XXVI 794  
  James   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 518  
  Maria   LONGMORE   Dudley   XVIII 289  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 623  
  December   1841
  Alexander   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 373   Eleanor SWAINSON
  March   1842
  Ada Caroline   LANGMORE   Marylebone   I 240  
  John   LONGMOOR   Stourbridge   XVIII 478  
  Catherine Mary   LONGMORE   South Shields   XXIV 201  
  Edward   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 545  
  Mary Hilton   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 384  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 579  
  William   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 191  
  June   1842
  Jane   LONGMORE   Rotherham   XXII 482  
  Luke Benton   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 557  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 616  
  September   1842
  Isaiah   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 223  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   XVIII 354  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 513  
  December   1842
  Charles   LONGMOOR   St. George Southwark   IV 405  
  Ann   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 286  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 133  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   XVIII 384  
  William   LONGMORE   Bridgnorth   XVIII 27  
  March   1843
  Dora   LONGMORE   St. Pancras   I 294  
  Emma   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 568  
  James   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 529  
  Martha   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 339  
  William   LONGMORE   Stone   XVII 224  
  June   1843
  Ann   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 245  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 540  
  William   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 449  
  September   1843
  Ann Maria   LONGMOOR   Stourbridge   XVIII 461  
  December   1843
  John   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 538  
  Simeon   LONGMORE   Ashton   XX 23  
  March   1844
  Amos   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 272  
  Clementina   LONGMORE   East London   II 228  
  Elizabeth Townley   LONGMORE   Chorlton   XX 279  
  Emma   LONGMORE   Holborn   II 169  
  George   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 512  
  George   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 603  
  Jessie Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Hertford   VI 563  
  Teresa   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 583  
  William   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 195   Mary READ
  June   1844
  Ann Harriet   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 187  
  Ebenezer   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 573  
  Henry   LONGMORE   Bridgnorth   XVIII 24   Jane HALL formerly BOULTON
  Henry   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 552  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 341  
  September   1844
  Jane   LONGMORE   Bridgnorth   XVII 24  
  Joseph Rubery   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 544  
  December   1844
  Gabriel   LONGMORE   Rotherham   XXII 465  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Stafford   XVII 129  
  Phebe   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 224  
  Richard William   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 453  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 141  
  Sarah Jane   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 457  
  March   1845
  Mary   LONGMOOR   St. James   I 94  
  Lucy   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 514  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Stafford   XVII 142  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 541  
  June   1845
  John Wreford   LANGMORE   Marylebone   I 224  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 451  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 248  
  Oliver   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 186  
  September   1845
  Ann   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 763  
  Edmund   LONGMORE   East London   II 206  
  Isaac   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 535  
  John   LONGMORE   South Shields   XXIV 208  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 534  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 270  
  Thomas John   LONGMORE   Leominster   XXVI 203  
  December   1845
  Emily   LONGMOOR   Worcester   XVIII 490  
  James   LONGMOORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 564  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 290  Ann DANGERFIELD
  March   1846
  Female   LANGMORE   Shoreditch   II 421  
  Sarah   LONGMOORE   Newcastle-upon-Tyne   XXV 400  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 217  
  George   LONGMORE   Wrexham   XXVII 289  
  Isabella Townley   LONGMORE   Liverpool   XX 579  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 479  
  Urram Rebecca   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 203  
  June   1846
  Allan   LONGMORE   South Shields   XXIV 233  
  Edwin   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 363  
  George   LONGMORE   Bridgnorth   XVIII 25   Jane HALL formerly BOULTON
  Maria   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 659  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 156  
  September   1846
  James   LONGMOOR   Stourbridge   XVIII 475  
  Ann Maria   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 482  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Macclesfield   XIX 119  
  December   1846
  Mary   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 451  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 496  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 527  
  March   1847
  Amelia   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 581  
  Mary Jane   LONGMORE   Chorlton   XX 280  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 612  
  June   1847
  Harriet   LONGMORE   Madeley   XVIII 93  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 243  
  September   1847
  Rosa Mary   LANGMORE   Marylebone   I 202  
  Catherine Mary Clark   LONGMOOR   South Shields   XXIV 217  
  Frederick Allan   LONGMOOR   South Shields   XXIV 212  
  Jessey   LONGMOOR   St. James   I 82  
  Ann Maria   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 233  
  Jane   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 289  
  Mary Jane   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 131  
  December   1847
  Ann   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 301  
  Jane   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 302  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 532  
  Josiah Oliver   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 180  
  Maria   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 287  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 524  
  Thomas Benjamin   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 433  
  William   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 720  
  March   1848
  Fanny   LANGMORE   Shoreditch   II 405  
  Alice   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 555  
  Amelia   LONGMORE   Newport Monmouth   XXVI 114  
  Henry   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 295   Sarah BEESLEY
  Isaiah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 639  
  June   1848
  Agnes   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 484  
  Alexander   LONGMORE   Liverpool   XX 439  
  Edward William   LONGMORE   Leominster   XXVI 236  
  Edwin   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 631  
  September   1848
  Martha   LONGMOOR   South Shields   XXIV 224  
  Mary Jane   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 553  
  Thomas Johnson   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 508  
  December   1848
  James   LONGMORE   Dudley   XVIII 334  
  Richard   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 467  
  March   1849
  Ada Caroline   LANGMORE   Marylebone   I 240  
  George Dixon   LONGMOOR   South Shields   XXIV 248  
  Edwin Thomas   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 163  
  Frederick Peter   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 381  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Newport Monmouth   XXVI 123  
  June   1849
  Eliza   LONGMOOR   St. James   I 103  
  Alfred   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 587  
  Daniel Longmore   LONGMORE   Sculcoates   XXII 608  
  John   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 561  
  Mary   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 645  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Wrexham   XXVII 314  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 296  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 281  
  Alexander   LONGMURE   Rotherham   XXII 547  
  September   1849
  Jane   LONGMOOR   Stockton   XXIV 246  
  Elizabeth Teener   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 251  
  Ellen   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 531  
  Harriet   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 450  
  James   LONGMORE   Madeley   XVIII 87  
  December   1849
  Eliza   LONGMORE   Bridgnorth   XVIII 20   Jane HALL formerly BOULTON
  Francis   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 552  
  Lavinia   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 382  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 547  
  Thomas Alcock   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 262  
  Male   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   XVII 320  
  March   1850
  Phillis   LONGMOOR   South Shields   XXIV 209  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 656  
  George   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 491  
  Harriet   LONGMORE   Macclesfield   XIX 128  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   Macclesfield   XIX 128  
  Peter Richard   LONGMORE   Aston   XVI 203  
  William   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 270  
  June   1850
  William   LANGMORE   Shoreditch   II 420  
  Henry   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   XVIII 420  
  John   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 739  
  Matilda   LONGMORE   Newport Monmouth   XXVI 142  
  Reuben   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 639  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVIII 296  
  Thomas William   LONGMORE   Dudley   XVIII 314  
  William George   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 748  
  September   1850
  William Henry   LANGMORE   Marylebone   I 221  
  Ann   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 544  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 371  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 622  
  William Thomas   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 551  
  December   1850
  Anne   LONGMORE   Manchester   XX 540  
  Lavinia   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 770  
  William Henry   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   XVIII 428  
  March   1851
  Eliza   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 637  
  Emily   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   XVII 155  
  Emma   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 328   Sarah BEESLEY
  Tabitha   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 538  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   XVIII 426  
  June   1851
  Arthur R.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 278  
  September   1851
  John W.   LONGMOOR   Stockton   XXIV 279  
  Catherine   LONGMORE   Birmingham   XVI 373  
  Mary J.   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 273  
  Rosannah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 662  
  Serena   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   XVIII 510  
  December   1851
  Joanna   LONGMOOR   South Shields   XXIV 254  
  Hannah M.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 620  
  Henry E.S.   LONGMORE   Stratton   IX 285  
  Ralp   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   XVIII 606  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   Worcester   XVIII 558  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Walsall   XVII 273  
  William   LONGMORE   Keighley   XXIII 425  
  March   1852
  Harriet   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 170  
  James   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 562  
  Jemima E.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 526  
  John   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 492  
  June   1852
  Elizabeth   LONGMOOR   Strand   1b 350  
  George   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 229  
  Henry   LONGMORE   Worcester   6c 258  
  Jabez   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 334  
  Martha   LONGMORE   Hull   9d 178  
  Rosanna   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 489  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 14  
  Ellen   LONGMURE   Wallingford   2c 278  
  September   1852
  James   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 547  
  Matilda   LONGMORE   Manchester   8d 315  
  December   1852
  William John   LANGMORE   St. Luke   1b 512  
  March   1853
  Sarah Ann   LANGMORE   Tavistock   5b 329  
  Ann Maria   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 192  
  John   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 545  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   Tavistock   5b 329  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 578  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 591  
  June   1853
  Abraham   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 536  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 192  
  Keturah   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 173  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 216  
  Sarah Jane   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 486  
  William   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 169  
  September   1853
  Frederick   LONGMOOR   South Shields   10a 349  
  Sarah   LONGMOOR   Strand   1b 365  
  James   LONGMORE   Stockton   10a 67  
  James William   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 212  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6c 347  
  December   1853
  Caroline   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 497  
  Charlotte Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Bethnal Green   1c 279  
  William   LONGMORE   Worcester   6c 267  
  Josiah   LONGMOUR   Wolverhampton   6b 376